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Temporarily switch off notifications

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    • rmlewis
    • Mar 23rd 2011 edited @ 04/18/2011 2:39 pm

    As principle Admin and Project Manager, I often find myself 'cleaning-up' tasks, updating minor stuff to keep everything 'disciplined'.

    Is there a way (or can it be added) to, by task, elect not to send notifications?


    There is not a way to selectively disable notifications on a task by task basis due to the collaborative nature of Intervals but each person can disable their email preferences. The two notifications that are used with tasks are “task comments” and "task updates." Each person can control their email notifications by navigating to Options >> My Email preferences and administrators can change people’s email preferences by navigating to the people section and editing their notifications. You might be able to temporarily disable them, do cleanup and then re-enable them.

    Thank you.

    I understood this to be an option but with a team of 16-20 people it becomes cumbersome.

    An example of unnecessary emails is as I (hurriedly) update tasks, I might forget to update the status and then forget to update the assignee or the due date. Despite my best efforts to be disciplined, it seems to always be something, thus followers and assignees all receive repetitive emails.

    A similar issue is when I update a task and then, upon saving, note that the new assignee did not receive an email notification. Upon checking that persons preferences, I find their notifications switched off. To then try and resend the task update (to ensure the new assignee is aware) generates a new round of emails to all attached to the task.

    Another option might be to, upon task update, is to have a preference to pop-up a window confirming notifications to be sent (check boxes) with an option to cancel or send.


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