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500 error with personid parameter

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    Intervals API return a 500 error when I'm using the personid parameter in some methods:

    * GET /project/
    * GET /projectworktype/
    * GET /projectmodule/

    It's a know issue ?



    Hey François,

    My name is Cameron and I'm a developer for Intervals. Thank you for bringing this bug to our attention. We've fixed this bug internally and should have it pushed live by the end of the week. When these changes go live I'll post here again to let you know.




    Any news about that ?

    Yes, this fix has been pushed live to our production servers.

    Thanks for your answer, I have trying to use the personid parameter.

    The module list seems to be not filtered with my current right. I don't have the same list on timetask UI. Any idea to have the same result ?

    PS: my code is here,

    • cameron
    • May 2nd 2011 edited @ 05/02/2011 10:16 am

    Hey Francois,

    Your list of modules from the API may include inactive modules. Users cannot add time or assign tasks to inactive modules, and consequently they usually don't appear to people in the UI (unless they're viewing the specific project in the projects area). I would change your filter params to the following and see if it helps:

    { projectid: project.projectid, limit: 42, personid: project.personid, active: 't' }

    This would explain why your lists are different.

    In light of this revelation, we have had an in-house discussion and determined that inactive modules and worktypes should not be visible to resource-level users through the API, since they are not visible to them through the UI. We plan on making this change shortly and will be releasing it soon.

    One caveat: this change will only affect resource users requesting the project module/worktype list. Non-resource users making the same request, filtering on personid will still see the entire list of modules/worktypes.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


    Thanks a lot ! It works.

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