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Mark a project as ready to be billed

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    I love Intervals. We are a nine person firm that relies on it for all project scheduling. One improvement that would greatly help us would be to just create a simple checkbox that says, "ready to invoice" in projects. Once checked, we could then search for jobs that are ready to invoice. Right now it's either Active or Inactive. We just need a little help to take it from production to billing. If you wanted to take it even a little further, you could have three checkboxes related to invoicing.

    - ready to invoice
    - ready for review
    - approved, send to client.


    • Michael
    • Feb 25th 2011 edited @ 02/25/2011 2:01 pm
    You are correct that there is not a status field at this time for projects but there is one workaround that might be worth a look. With how Intervals is currently structured you might be able to append or prepend text to the project name that represents the project’s status (for example, Status - Project Name). I know some Intervals customers have done this that have a project pipeline where the project status changes a few times along the way. If you put the priority out in front of the project name the drop down menus wherever the project name is mentioned will sort in that order and you can click to sort on the project name on the project listing page as well to have them arrange by status.


    Can you explain how this appending or prepending can be achieved?


    Sure. The project name field can be edited. Say for example you have a project that is ready for review in the example above named "GST Web Maintenance" that name can be edited to something like "R4R - Green Street Web Maintenance" to go with an acronym or "Review - Green Street Web Maintenance".

    Oh. Sorry. I thought you meant that the actual status field text could be automatically appended or prepended.

    I use the status field text as the phasing of my projects; as we do the same thing over and over (the same deliverable), more CRM than PM, having 15 tasks in a template was too hard to track for more than a few "projects," so we have two production-module "tasks" per project, and use the status field as the changeable data, in order to indicate the status ("Start," "In Client Review," "needs corrections," etc.).

    Changing the Project Name might work for someone with far fewer projects, but it's faster to create custom statuses and use the "status" dropdowns and sort on Status than it is to retype the project names! Perhaps the ability to print a report with the last-edited task might achieve the same thing. A little more boolean searching (like the ability to use "not" as a search filter feature) would be very handy, as in "Task X = status Y, but Task Z <> status A") would be great. Alternatively, the ability to set a task to an inactive or not-yet-active status would be invaluable, I think, for those of us who use templates to expedite creating new projects.




    ## Update ##
    Intervals includes the ability to create custom project labels. It is a flexible field that can be used in conjunction with invoicing. More information on Project Labels is available here.

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