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Feature Requests

Add custom tag in the email subject to ease filtering mails

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    It would be great to optionally define a tag to add to email subjects, so that the team could filter out the automatic email that Intervals sends. Now, I am (as admin) the sender of the emails the app sends, so nobody can separate my actual mails from the automatic emails, and it can be a bit annoying sometimes.

    I suggest to add that somewhere in the "Settings & Defaults" section, and put that tag optionally at the beggining of the subject, for example, let me define a tag "Timetask", and then send emails with subject like "[Timetask] Current Virtua Tasks: 4".

    Some of the emails have their own tag, but that means configuring several filters, and we do not know the whole list from the beggining... so it may be an "iterative" process to modify the filter every time you get a new mail. I also found that other emails do not have tag... so these are quite more difficult to filter.

    Hope someone else finds this feature useful.

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