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Ways to use Intervals [Closed]

Resource Utilization Management

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    Looking for how Intervals can track & show my resource utilization (by named resources or roles) for past present and future planned work (task or project). Want to see how many hours each resource/role is cumulatively allocated across multiple tasks/projects for selected time interval. Would like to be able to choose the reporting time intervals (hours, days, weeks, months, quarters). Would like to see some some conditional formatting done/configurable on time interval totals for each resource to show when/if they are collectively over allocated for the time period selected. Like highlighting the sum total time yellow if over 80% of available hours are used and red if 100% is used.
    • Michael
    • Mar 25th 2011 edited @ 03/25/2011 2:48 pm

    Intervals is light on resource allocation at this time and errors on the side of simplicity. With how Intervals is currently structured there are a couple of options that are somewhat similar. You can use the home page to get a pretty good view of who is working on what. You can create home page filters that show what is assigned to each person in your team and then quickly bounce around to see who is working on what. The task listing includes estimated and actual hours and the listing can be filtered for individual resources or individual projects. Also, the Periscope report can be used to view tasks and milestones for an individual person to see how far along they are but it not true resource allocation either. When we used to use Microsoft Project heavily its resource allocation and resource leveling were never correct and a bit complicated to manage. If there is a dire need for this the API could be used to create custom functionality. That might be an option. Since this discussion is pretty much a duplicate of this discussion on resource allocation it might be worth a look as well.

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