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"Add Time" AJAXified and more Intervals improvements

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    • Michael
    • Feb 27th 2007 edited @ 03/16/2007 3:00 pm
    Tonight we pushed live:

    - The add time functionality in Intervals has been significantly overhauled. Each time you "add time" it will be via AJAX instead of a popup window. Also, you won't get bounced to a new page. Each time you add time you will be kept on the same page where you are adding time.

    - More restricted manager level user - the new manager user is less like an Administrator. They can only see and manage the projects that an Administrator creates and gives them access to.

    - Enhanced task and project note searching

    - Onyx theme tuned

    -"Canned Dates" added to reports - instead of always having to select the start and end date you can select things like current quarter, current month, etc.

    - My Scratch pad can be dragged and repositioned

    - Modules layered into more places - more reports feature module options and there is a new "time summary" in the project section where you can view an individual project by modules

    - If a user has too many unsuccessful login attempts and gets locked out, Administrators can "unsuspend" their account

    We have more upgrades and improvements coming down the pipeline...thanks again for all of the suggestions and feedback.

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