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How do I apply full cost of a vendor contract?

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    I have a project with say a budget of $100K. I purchase software under contract at a cost of $65K.

    How do I account for that so it deducts from the allocated budget? I tried putting something into the expense area but it doesn't deduct. Thanks!

    Is the $65k is being charged to the client? If so making it a fee will update the calculations. The expense is what the item costs you and isn't used in the project dashboard calculations since they do not include any costs. The fee is what is being passed onto the client and can include any markup. The "total work" value on the dashboard includes billable work and fees.
    It's actually the cost I'm paying a software vendor for their product. So, there is no billable time and it's not a traditional "expense." The cost Is a big part of my budget for this project and so I'd really like to be able to reflect it in this software. Thanks for any help or ideas.
    Intervals is very light on tracking expenses and profitability and is geared toward tracking revenues and what a client pays/owes. Intervals does not attempt to replace accounting software packages. Although work types / rates are meant to be a client facing hourly rate I know some people have spun it around and used the hourly rate as the cost per hour. When doing this all of the reports become cost centric instead of revenue centric. For non hourly items expenses are not used in any calculations at this time but they can be exported to a spreadsheet and manipulated. The project landscape report does show both expenses and fees. If you just need to keep track of a total per project that might be an option. After running the report if you click on the "budget & invoices" tab there are columns for budget, work, fees, expenses, payments, etc. If that doesn't do it depending on how you are using Intervals you might try adding it as a fee to see how it impacts the calculations and reports. The project activity report has an option to include fees and will show all fees for a project for a given time period.

    Having cost vs. billable rate would be an awesome feature to add, and would help us manage projects in Intervals.

    Example scenarios include:

    1. You are billing the customer a certain rate and you are paying your subcontractor another.

    2. You have fixed costs that are part of the project.

    It would be nice to be able to see how profitable a project is, and not just how much revenue it is making. You can have tons of revenue and go bankrupt because you are making a loss on every sale. Adding a cost field would easily allow calculations such as that.

    Have to agree with WisTex on this one.

    I often employ freelancers on a per-project basis and it would be fantastic to set their rate/hours in the budget somehow and have that deduct from the billable amount. Would mean it's easier to calculate the actual income per project.

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