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Billable Time vs. Payroll Time

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    This is our first day evaluating Intervals.

    I've noticed that having multiple timers running simultaneously, (which I've read is a handy feature for billing purposes while multitasking,) also results a a time sheet for each employee (Resource user) that totals to more hours than they actually worked.

    I suppose this is fine if all employees earn salary wages, but our employees are all paid hourly.

    Does Intervals have the ability to account for overlapping timers and provide us with actual hours worked for each employee, or at least the ability to disable overlapping timers so that it is not possible for one person to time on two tasks at the same time?


    There is a not a way to view or disable overlapping timers at this time. Probably the closest functionality is time >> active timers but that is just a view page for administrators to see which timers are active or running.

    One issue that I see is that timing each task often results in lost time between tasks. I'm not sure how best to handle this other than to always round up.

    Example: You work 1 hour on a customer's projects, but you work on 5 tasks. Since it takes a couple minutes between each task to reset the time, update Intervals, etc. you wind up only recording 50 minutes of time, unless you round up, which sometimes results in recording 1 hour 10 minutes of time recorded for 1 hour of actual work.

    To put it (pseudo)mathematically:

    time on project = billable time + non-billable time + time used switching timers

    payroll time = time on projects + unrecorded administrative time + non-productive time

    In a way it would be nice to be able to run two timers, which would automatically measure productivity.

    Timer 1: Payroll timer / Work Timer (person is clocked in and supposed to be working)
    Timer 2: Project / Task Timer (time person is actually working on a task)

    timer 1 - timer 2 = unrecorded administration time.

    Having something like this would be useful for tracking hourly employees time sheets and productivity. They clock in like regular employees for payroll purposes, but then you track their tasks during the day and are able to measure their productivity.


    Hi,this is fine.this is useful to employees.

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