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Monthly Time Summary?

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    I'm looking for a report that will show me timesheet entries for a month, summarized by project and/or client. I saw a response to another posting that suggested using the Summary report for a monthly timesheet review. While I can use that to generate the details, it doesn't summarize on anything other than the person. Here is what I'm looking for...if it doesn't exist, how difficult would it be to create?

    Employee Name
    Total Hours
    Client 1 - Total Hours
    Client 1 - Project 1 - Total Hours
    Client 1 - Project 1 - entries
    Client 1 - Project 2 - Total Hours
    Client 1 - Project 2 - entries
    Client 2 - Total Hours

    The crosschart can come close to this output. It just doesn't sub group on the project but you can run it by person / project or by person / client to get summarized hours per person by client or project.

    I am trying to create a monthly report for one person. I tried searching by task and people: "your search did not return any reslults."
    Any suggestions?

    Try broadening the date range for the report. Also make sure they actually tracked time by going to their time sheet to see if they have a time sheet that falls in the report's date range.

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