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Client Contacts

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    • hrybko
    • Jan 24th 2011 edited @ 02/03/2011 2:15 pm

    We are new to Intervals and would like to add contacts to Clients. These contacts should behave like OutLook or Maximizer type of contacts and will almost never require access to login.

    Naturally these need to be visible to our staff working on intervals. (So that they can use these client details to contact and communicate)

    However it seems that contact details for No Login users are only visible to administrators (for reasons that escape me).

    I have read this thread:
    But it offers no real advice.

    Please help

    Howard Rybko

    I think it would be ideal to make the visibility to non-admins optional, since sometimes you may not want a subcontractor to directly contact the client, but rather to work directly through the project manager or admin.

    I totally agree.

    I am trialling the system and everything looks pretty impressive until I tried to add a contact to a client. We have no requirement to allow a client contact access to the system, but every user would need to see who is part of the client!

    A client has projects that allowed users can see, why restrict access to administrators? The work around is to make all users administrators, but I have gone pale at the thought of that...

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