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Invoice all projects per client

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    • lvt
    • Jan 18th 2011 edited @ 01/18/2011 2:13 am


    At the moment, it looks to me like you can only include 1 project for each invoice... However, we have clients that works with us on multiple project and every month we need to put all the projects billable into 1 invoice for that client.

    We really don't want to use free form and input manually as that's error prone. And if we filter all the relevant invoice and export the report to PDF, that looks horrible as it doesn't have any formatting like a normal invoice.

    Could this be done please?


    I too would like to see the ability to include more than one project per invoice... It would be great to invoice all projects per Client. That just makes sence.
    Invoicing by client is being considered but it is not on the active development plan at this time. It might make it onto the development plan at some point. With how Intervals is currently structured the project level permissions make it a bit tricky since managers can create invoices but they don’t see the clients section and they only have access to the projects where an administrator has made them part of the project team. You could run into a scenario where a manager is invoicing by client but they only have access to three of the five projects for that client.
    I'm glad to see this request hasn't totally died out. I'd still like to have it, even if just at admin level. It would make our billing cycle so much quicker. Thanks for at least continuing to keep it in the "we'll consider it" category.
    Any update on this feature Michael? This would make my life so much easier! Can we (us customers who want this feature) help speed this development up somehow?
    Invoicing by client is still being considered but it is not on the formal development plan. We have found that it is a feature that rarely comes up in terms of volume of feature requests but it when it is asked for it is typically a hi priority for those who do ask for it. It sounds like that fits your scenario. Thank you for the feedback.

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