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How do I delete a person? Is their data deleted?

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    • Michael
    • Jan 14th 2011 edited @ 03/16/2021 2:47 pm

    When a person is deleted their data is indeed deleted. If a person leaves your organization or you want to revoke a person's ability to login we strongly recommend setting the user to inactive. Inactive users cannot login but their legacy time data, task data, etc. is still available and they are immediately logged out. You can always reassign their tasks if needed. When a person is deleted their time data is deleted and any tasks, projects, milestones, etc. they own or are assigned will be moved to the person that is performing the deletion.

    To delete a person you can right click on their name on the task listing:
    Person Listing Right Click

    OR you can view their detail page and click on delete in the left hand column:
    Person Detail Page

    When deleting a person there is a final confirmation step that will show which data is about to be deleted or moved. For this example user they do not have any time data:

    Confirm Person Deletion

    Most delete actions work in a very similar fashion where you can right click on the listing or view the detail page. This is true for clients, projects, invoices, etc.

    ## Update ##
    This content has been moved over to the official help site.

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