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New to Intervals? Have questions or need help? [Closed]

New to Intervals and having trouble with slow or non responding server

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    I am doing the 30 day trial. I started 15 days ago and really like the features for time tracking, invoicing and reports on projects. Mid-last week I found clicking between tasks and projects the pages loaded very slowly or not at all. Still today the same problem. I got a task page to open and started a timer. When I wanted it to stop it would not respond and just kept running. Eventually the page loaded and it stopped about an hour later. The most common error message I get is that the server is not responding. I like the Intervals concept and methods of organizing all my time/task/project/client information, but it is frustrating that now it is not working. Is there something I am missing performance wise? All other servers I am connected to are working fine.

    It sounds like you could be experiencing a network related problem getting to the data center. Your best bet is to contact support direct by emailing or by clicking on the find a bug link from within your account. The find a bug link gives our support team additional diagnostic information about your web browser and computer that will greatly assist in troubleshooting the problem. There was a routing problem in the data center earlier today and there could potentially be a lingering issue.

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