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personalised / office specific order for projects in the periscope report?

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    • dani
    • Dec 21st 2010
    we are using the intervals periscope report to show when which project task is current and due. is there a possibility to show in this periscope report the projects in a personalised / office specific order or is it always the order of the assigned intervals project number?
    There is not a way to customize the order that the projects are displayed at this time and projects, tasks and milestones are all arranged according to when they start as opposed to project ID. Tasks and milestones will group under the project that they are associated with but the projects will show up based on when they start.

    michael I think you've answered this, but...

    We want to provide a periscope report of a single project to our customer, but we need it to be ordered by milestone > date. The order I see does not seem to be discernable at all. It is not sorted by milestone, by task, by start date, by end date - it seems like a random assemblage of milestones and tasks.

    I know that you all don't really try and write your software for the way most people do project management, so this is probably a rather hopeless request, but (ahem, sorry) pretty much 100% of our customers expect to see a project displayed by milestones and tasks, starting at the top with the first milestone and ending with the last one, with tasks similarly ordered within each milestone.

    As it is, the report is pretty much useless to us.


    It sounds like you may have discovered a bug. Do you mind clicking on the find a bug link from within your account and submitting a bug? Please be sure to pass along the parameters being used to run the report (date range, client, project, etc.) or a screenshot of the page and our support team can take a closer look.

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