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Create a task without a project

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    I feel like there was a post quite some time back about something similar. In some cases we find ourself doing 30 minutes of work of maintnanace for a client that month. We would like to track it becuase accross the board, it adds up.

    However, we have to always create a project regardless. I do remeber someone asking a similar question and that Intervals was looking for an option while making sure that people wouldn't take advantage of this workaround, that would allow us to create a task, assign it to a client, but not have related to a project.

    I could be remembering incorrectly, but anyhow, I figured I could at least ask and see if there is a way to do what I'm asking.

    Thanks, =)

    Intervals is indeed very project centric in nature. From the pricing model based around the number of active projects to the project permissions. Resource level users and managers never see projects where they are not part of the project team. If they don't belong to at least one project for a particular client they don't even know that the client exists. The project permission system allows people to create different teams within their account that work on their projects while not knowing other projects exists. Administrator level users are the only users that see everything within the system. This permission system is very powerful but projects and project access are the central component. One workaround that might help is creating one general project for very small items and then use modules for the clients. You do lose some of the reporting since the time and work is not directly tied into a client but if it is all small work that might be OK since you can still run reports on that project by module and invoice by module (client) as well.

    We get around this with a catch all "Site Maintenance ABC" project under each client (where ABC is our 3-letter client code, so we can tell the projects apart in the main list). Currently 25 of our 98 projects are Site Maintenance projects.

    If we think a client will use it well we set them up as executive users on these projects, so they can see what small tasks they have open with us (we prefer a more formal process for larger projects).

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