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Project Management

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    • lhui
    • Feb 15th 2007 edited @ 02/15/2007 10:25 am

    The projects section is built around tracking budgeted vs. actual time. Whether you are tracking against a flat bid or billing hourly, the project management section will track all time spent on the project. Time is easily divided into different modules and work types.

    In addition to tracking time (both billable and unbillable), you can also log project expenses and payments. The dashboard page provides a quick overall view of the project status. In one quick glance, you can see an overview of the tasks, a breakdown of time spent on the project, and any outstanding balance. For a more detailed breakdown, everything logged into the project is linked to a variety of different reports in Intervals.

    These reports (found in the reports section) include:
    - pie charts by work type and who completed the work
    - detailed project activity reports which show every piece of time logged in a project and it's dollar value
    - weekly trends showing how many hours spent per week on a single project and who completed which type of work

    If you check out the reports section, you will see a variety of other types of reports. Explore these to find out which ones are right for your needs. The report sections gives you quick access to the information you need. Reports are easy to generate, easy to export, and easy to print and you can run them hi-level for general trends or very detailed for micro fine time analysis.

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