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Priority and Status plus grouping of Projects

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    Hello.. We have a wish list of features we need for our Project software - I 'm pleased to say that Intervals look like it can meet almost all of them.
    I have questions on two things: 1/ Can we set a priority field on Projects? i.e. Red, Green or Amber for example. Maybe I could use the Client field for this and have priorities defined in there? This way, we can report on all Red priority Projects etc.
    2/ Is there any way to group projects into market sectors? We have projects under way from other countries and would like to keep them separate.


    Ok so I can group our projects into market sectors using the Clients filter (each market being a 'Client') - is there a way to set a project priority?? P1. P2, P3 etc
    Projects do not currently have a priority field but there is one workaround. With how Intervals is currently structured you can append or prepend text to the project name that represents the project’s priority (for example, Priority - Project Name). I know some Intervals customers have done this that have a project pipeline where the project status changes a few times along the way. If you put the priority out in front of the project name the drop down menus wherever the project name is mentioned will sort in that order.
    • Michael
    • Apr 13th 2023 edited @ 04/13/2023 1:51 pm

    ## Update ##
    Intervals includes the ability to create project labels for this purpose. The names and colors can be customized and applied to projects. More information on Project Labels is available here on the help site.

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