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Is there a way to create write-offs on invoices?

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    We had a client who we did a lot of work for and in the end they refused to pay the final invoice. We finally got them to pay a large portion of the invoice. Now we have an invoice in the system which permanently sits in Outstanding Invoices because it has a remaining balance. We are using the Intervals invoice system to keep track of our financial records as well as create various metrics. Is there any way that we can put a write-off on the remaining balance of the invoice without actually applying any payments towards the invoice? We'd love to be able to clear that invoice out of the list.

    Let me know if I need to clarify further. Thank you in advance.

    If you don't want to add a project credit to the invoice as a payment to zero it out a negative line item can be added to the invoice to zero it out. Adding a negative line item to the top half of the invoice will zero out the invoice while keeping all of the payment history accurate and all of the per hour calculations on the project dashboard page for the project correct as well (billable summary, actual hourly rate, paid rate per hour, etc.).

    Thank you very much, Michael. As always, you and your team are very helpful.


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