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How does the home page calendar work?

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    • Michael
    • Oct 26th 2010 edited @ 10/26/2010 3:26 pm

    The home page calendar includes a weekly view, monthly view and custom date range view. It also feature the ability to export tasks and milestones in iCal format to be imported elsewhere. Via right click you can add public and private notes as well as create tasks and milestones. The calendar includes drag and drop capabilities where you can move tasks and milestones by dragging them and dropping them or by right clicking and changing their due date. When a milestone is moved there is an option to move all of the tasks that are attached to that milestone as well as other milestones for that project. It is a pretty convenient way to reschedule an entire project if the first phase runs late for example. Here is a video introduction to milestones that shows some of the home page calendar functionality toward the end of the video (about 2:45 into the video) that is a good introduction to the calendar.



    In your videos, your homepage calendar view is in a list form with one day on top of another instead of the box/calendar view. This is much more streamlined and makes better use of the screen space.

    How do you convert the homepage calendar to that view?

    Thank you
    Cary Weston

    There is not a way to change the home page view to match the video at this time. The videos are very old and we are in the process of re-creating them. The have some legacy functionality in them that no longer exists.

    ahhh...that's too bad :)
    that view is much more streamlined


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