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Task Management

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    • lhui
    • Feb 15th 2007 edited @ 03/02/2007 2:32 pm

    The task section is designed for you to do your work inside of Intervals and get out of your inbox. It often feels like nothing is accomplished by simply responding to emails all day long. By using the task tab, you can stay in Intervals in order to fully track a project, your time, and your progress in one centralized place.

    When a new task is created or an existing task changes status, an email is sent to notify whoever has been assigned the task and brings them back to Intervals to track their work. The task feature is built around changing status – to filter tasks or trigger alerts. The history, notes, and comments are all stored in the task, making it easy to reference previous work and eliminating the process of digging through archived emails.

    Another useful feature of task management is the ability to track your time. When you begin working on a task, start the timer. You can pause the timer at any point and come back to a project later and restart the timer once again. This is incredibly useful in tracking how much time you spend on each client and for tracking how much time is spent on internal projects.

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