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Ways to use Intervals

Can I use Intervals to mark and track vacation time?

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    • Ritu
    • Sep 29th 2010
    Ideally, I would like to use time tracking for both tasks and time off within the same tool. Can Intervals track vacation for my resources as well?
    Since Intervals tracks time on projects you can indeed track time off by setting up one or multiple projects depending on your needs. We utilize a Pelago TIme Off project with work types of Sick Leave and Vacation. We report on the project quarterly with the Weekly Trends Report and Mr. Pie Chart.
    • Ritu
    • Sep 29th 2010
    Thanks for your response, Michael. Are you able to get an alert when allocated time off is reached? Also, can a resource run a report to see how much vacation they are left with? I think so based on whatever I have seen so far, but I wanted to confirm since you use it already.
    Unfortunately there is not a way to setup accrual or an alert based on certain usage for an individual and you can only report on what time has been used/tracked. If you don't mind creating tasks per person for the amount of time off they have that would work but it is somewhat of a workaround.

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