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Reschedule Milestones And Tasks Seems To Ignore Weekends

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    I have been trying to test rescheduling of milestones and tasks on a project to speed up the process of moving everything manually. The system appears to work by modifying the dates based in the number of days the milestone is being moved by.

    This makes perfect sense to me except that as we do not work weekends when a future milestone and it's tasks were moved it assumed it could run over a weekend. I therefore had to manually move that milestone and all future milestones.

    Am I doing something wrong, is there a way around this?

    Unfortunately there is not a way to specify working days at this time and the tasks and milestones are indeed moved based on the number of days the milestone was moved forward or backward.

    ## Update ##

    Today we launched the ability to exclude weekends for tasks and milestones when rescheduling a milestone. Here is a blog post that outlines a few of the items that were included in the update.

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