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Task List: display to include "last comment" column

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    Suggestion #1.

    In my pursuit to be able to review quickly the task list and their current activity, I would request that the" Last Comment" in a column, be shown when displaying the Task list.

    Ideally, I would also be able to print/export a task list, including the last comment field, as either an excel file or as a report.

    In the Task List view, given that I already filter the list, save real estate by not displaying "Client"; "Project" columns if these filters are selected...
    provide and option to hide or display columns.

    Great product!


    • rmlewis
    • Mar 21st 2011 edited @ 03/24/2011 10:27 am

    Is there any updated on this requested feature.

    In my situation, with heavy involvement from our clients as 'resources', and with which we conduct weekly project meetings, printed 'Outstanding 'Task Lists' are a fundamental part of our weekly review. The ability to include, on screen or in an exported format, the last "Comment' remains a much desired element.

    Many thanks,



    There is no new movement on this feature and it is not on the development plan at this time. It has not been asked for very much in the feature request submissions from within each account and we do our best to try and add the features that add the most value for everyone without adding too much complexity. The API could definitely be utilized to create this custom functionality. If that is something you are interested in exploring here is some information on the API.

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