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Feature Requests [Closed]

iPad Optinization (Now doesn't work!)

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    I'm an happy customer. I bought an iPad and when I use Safari Browser the Time Bar (that normally is down in the window) remain freezed in the middle of the screen .....
    I don't use the time bar, can you put a flag in the option section with Hide Time bar???

    Thanks in advance,

    The iPad is not officially supported at this time but but if there is a minor tweak we can do it would definitely be worthwhile as we try to support as many devices and platforms as we can. Would it be possible to click on the find a bug link from within your account and submit a bug? The find a bug link gives our development team additional diagnostics that will help our troubleshooting efforts. Also if you could include a screenshot of the page with the submission that would be extremely helpful to see exactly what you are seeing.

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