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Can I create subtasks?

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    Intervals does not feature traditional subtasks but milestones can be used as an alternative since they work in a very similar fashion. Each task becomes a child (or subtask) of its milestone. Milestones allow you to group tasks into one entity that can be managed easier and the milestones piece does have quasi dependencies since you can group tasks together with one milestone and use the milestone to move all of the tasks that are associated with it. Also, if you have a project with multiple milestones you can shift around all of the tasks and all of the milestones for the project by moving a single milestone. We use this functionality quite a bit to move around the remaining items for a project. Say for example the first phase runs late. You can move the due date of the first milestone and all of the other milestones and tasks will move as well. We typically drag and drop the milestone from the home calendar but you can right click on the milestone and change the due date or edit the milestone from the milestones section.

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