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Reporting on future hours and projected billable hours

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    • TomatParkD
    • Aug 7th 2010 edited @ 08/08/2010 1:18 pm

    I am just 3 days into using Intervals and enjoying the experience.

    I have set up all my tasks for the next few months and now want to see what reports are available for future dates. I have entered all my estimated hours with chargeable rates

    I need to get information of my forward hours for say August + and my likely billing for August + using all the available filters. Filtering is great for historic reporting but every future report that I try comes back with no results.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • Michael
    • Nov 19th 2010 edited @ 11/19/2010 10:09 am
    Intervals is pretty light on forecasting at this time. Most of the reports are focused on showing when time was recorded in various fashions but there are a few reports that do show upcoming items. The periscope report is somewhat like a Gantt chart and shows estimated versus actual time for projects, tasks, and milestones but it is not financial in nature. The project landscape report is probably the most comprehensive report and if you cilck on budget and invoices and/or time after running the report very hi level information is available for each project.

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