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time since last invoice

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    i just did a test and realized there is a HUGE problem

    usually i do invoices in the morning on a business day and include everything since last invoice. i noticed that the invoice doesn't include the time and so i did a test. it turns out that the next invoice will include everything starting on the DAY AFTER. that means that any labor performed on the day of the invoice is never billed. i've been doing it this way for a year now and this has probably meant we didn't bill for a few thousand dollars of labor performed :(

    "since last invoice" should do just that. if a time entry was billed, it should not be included again. if a time entry was not billed, it needs to be.


    Thank you for the feedback and we can definitely see how the way the functionality works was not clear. Our apologies on the frustration experienced and we just deployed an update to help clarify the intent of the functionality. When invoices are created based on actual work performed the entire day of work is always recorded. This is done to try and keep reporting and invoicing very consistent. For example a few weeks back we had a support issue where someone had a few hundred dollars showing up as uninvoiced on their project dashboard. They thought that they had invoiced for all time entries but comparing the project activity report for the same date ranges as the invoices revealed that one person had added their time late to the date range after the invoice was created. If hour precision was included it would be much more difficult to try and track down the hours and it adds additional complexity to the report generation. Do any of your projects show uninvoiced totals by chance? Probably the quickest way to get at this information is the outstanding balance report since it has an uninvoiced column. If any projects do have uninvoiced totals after bringing them up to date with current invoices comparing past invoice date ranges to the project activity report should reveal any time that was not invoiced. The update that was deployed today displays the following information when an invoiced is created based on actual work performed and "since last period invoiced" is selected:

    The last invoice covered work from 06/04/2010 through 08/09/2010. If you believe additional work was done during that period, Invoice #00322 can be rebuilt to add in additional billable time or any fees.

    Note: Invoices based on work performed always select a full day's time entries. Please be sure to invoice for full completed days only.

    Also the date range selected will go from the end date on the last invoice to yesterday instead of today. Our sincere apologies on the confusion and frustration the way the dates are selected caused.

    • yourmanstan
    • Aug 31st 2010 edited @ 08/31/2010 2:29 pm

    i suppose the problem is that i that i'm trying to make the invoicing process as quick, simple and painless as possible. it would be great if there was a "bill the client" button. even better would be if the invoices were automatically generated each month (or whatever chosen interval) and simply had to be approved to be emailed.

    i don't understand why time has to be approved... isn't the person who generates the invoice responsible for ensuring it is accurate? as you can see, i gave up on it a long time ago:

    i don't understand why there are "terms" of payment speed since there is no option to auto-remind the client when an invoice is overdue or charge a fee for overdue payments, etc.

    i don't understand why an invoice requires a name. the invoice # is enough

    ***and most importantly *** i didn't understand the "since last period invoiced". i interpreted that to mean that everything that has not been invoiced would be invoiced (in the very logical way of ensuring that it is impossible to overcharge or undercharge a client)

    i'm sure you had your reasons for the above, but in my mind what makes something consistent and useable is that you bill the client exactly what they owe. no more no less. you shouldn't have to hunt down crap to figure out an invoice as that is the entire purpose computers... making life easier and removing mundane tasks. would it be that much to ask to have a simple auto-bill button or setting that ensures that the client is billed for all outstanding?

    regarding your question on wording: i would just say "For this method to work, you must not log any more time today and must not make any changes to the times during this period ever. Go to the project->dashboard to ensure there aren't any uninvoiced totals"

    regarding your question on uninvoiced totals from the project view, is this what you're referring to?:
    i hope to god that this, over the last year or so, did not cost us $10K on ONE CLIENT?!!


    Since forum accounts are not associated with Intervals accounts do you mind emailing with the name of the project (or a link to the project in question) or click on the find a bug link from the project dashboard page within your account for this project? Our support team can review your account and the particular project in question and give you a definitive answer.

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