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    Not sure if this is the best place to mention this, but I think you should consider giving Intervals some stronger branding, and a consistent domain for people to log into.

    At the moment, my company's task management is hosted under, and makes no mention of "Intervals" when you log in. The problem with this is that our clients accessing the system don't know what to call it, and end up confusedly talking about "timetask", "this site", "that issue tracking system", etc.

    Interestingly, 37 Signals originally went down the same route of minimal branding and multiple domains for their Basecamp product, but later decided to change to a strong, consistent brand, as explained here:

    The alternative suggested by one of my colleagues is that we completely rebrand Intervals with some name of our own, using the logo image in the corner, and then consistently refer to it as that.

    What does anyone else think?


    • WisTex
    • Jan 25th 2011 edited @ 01/25/2011 2:33 pm

    Actually, one of the reasons why I use Intervals is because it does NOT have its domain name in my project management site URL. Actually, I would prefer I could assign my own domain name instead. I want the customer to feel they are logging into my company's website, not a third party provider's website.

    I specifically do not use Basecamp because it has their brand all over it, among other reasons.

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