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Reporting By "Owner" of Tasks

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    One really cool feature that I use with Intervals is the ability to assign one person as the owner of a task, and a different person as the assignee. The work performed on the task is always done by the person assigned to the task. However, I need to total the time by the owner of each task. So, even though the owner of the tasks does not input any time, I need to find out how much time each owner is responsible for...

    I do this by exporting all of the tasks and time in .csv, and then importing these files in Access. Then by linking the tables, I am able to create two very important reports: 1 - A report showning all the time entered for a specific date range; by owner. And 2 - A report showing all open tasks and their estimated time; by owner.

    I am unable to find any report within Intervals that can give me this data. It is very important for my company to know what managers are utilizing the time of our technicians, and how much time each manager is using.

    It would be awesome if you could add the ability to create pie charts that show time by owner!

    Does anyone out there have a need for a simular report? If so, how are you doing it right now? And do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks!

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