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session problem

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    i have been getting an error that is driving me absolutely crazy. when i sign into intervals i get an alert popup that says "Your session has expired and the resource you requested requires an active session. Please reload the page and log back in."

    i can't figure out how to fix it. i've cleared my cache, cleared cookies, trying different browsers.... i'm almost locked out completely it only works randomly.


    Intervals should not time you out for 24 hours. Would you be willing to try the following to help us troubleshoot the issue further? After logging in the first time, can you go to and make note of your IP address. The next time you get logged out, go back to If your IP address has changed do you mind clicking on the find a bug link from within your account to alert our support team?

    ahh now i think i know what the problem is. i am traveling and the network at the hotel randomly picks an ip for EVERY request (which made VPN soo much fun). meaning i can go to and get a different IP every single refresh. i tried calling them and there is no way to disable that operation. any thought on how to resolve this?
    Thank you for the follow-up and for the additional information. Unfortunately it is not good news that your IP address changed. The load balancer technology currently being utilized sees your IP address and directs you to a particular server. If the IP address changes the load balancer sees that as a new request and redirects you to a server. This definitely explains why you are being logged out. We have plans to change the load balancing technology we use in the future but this modification is still a ways out. I am struggling to think of a potential workaround if you cannot get a persistent IP. Off the top of my head there may be something that can be done with a self created proxy or hosts files but I can't think of anything solid.
    hah i just thought of something... Phone APP - gives me one more reason to play on my nexus one! i might try the hosts file idea too. thanks for the quick response michael!

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