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Manage a Budget to spend versus Hours to spend

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    I have an issue with our projects: We create a project with a budget which include hours to produce (X # of hrs x hourly rate) and a budget to spend in order to produce the hours.
    For example I have a 5000$ for a project that which represent 4000$ of hours to produce (ex: 40hrs @ $100/hr) and $1000 as a spend.
    My main concern is that in the project i can only manage production but not a budget to spend. The only trick that i found is to create a fake user and add x # of hours on that user so that it can work on the project timeline/budget alert.
    I really don't like that trick cuz it renders my production reports false.

    Do you have an option or an other trick which might help me to manage a budget to spend?

    It sounds like you have a built in markup of $1,000. If so would adding a project fee / expense cover it? This can be added by navigating to the expenses section within an individual project. The fee field is what is being passed onto the client and the value is used in budgetary calculations on the project dashboard. It might do the trick. You might want to try this on a example project and review the calculations and reports to see how it works. Also, just an FYI that if you use executive users in your flow they can see fees if the "allow to view financials" preference is enabled.

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