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Project Reports

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    I'm looking to get a report that lists all projects and tasks, i haven't been able to get any results with teh things i have tried, can you help me?


    If you are looking for a time related report the project activity report might do the trick. In the summary drop down if "by project" is selected the report results include each task and the total about of time for each project on the bottom half of the report for the date range selected. If you are not looking for time but just for the tasks the task listing might work. If you click on "show widescreen view" additional columns of information will appear including the client, module, and task start date. You can click to sort on each column heading to change the sort order of the task listing to be client or project centric. If you are hoping for a Gantt chart type of report with a bar graph this functionality does not currently exists. Probably the closest functionality is the periscope report but it only includes projects at this time. We have plans to expand the functionality so that projects can be expanded to show tasks and milestones. The change is bundled in with a modification to the graphing engine that Intervals uses and the change is still a little ways down the road.

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