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Record and display the "start" and "end" time for each work unit

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    An Intervals customer recently asked if there are plans to record the start and end time for each work unit. For accounting purposes, they need to show the actual physical start and start times for each piece of work performed. They are currently using the description field in the "add time" dialogue.

    We do not have this requirement at Pelago and only need to track the total amount of time and the day that the work transpired.

    I am curious to hear what other Intervals users may need?

    In an ideal world would the start and stop time of each work unit be recorded and displayed?



    Our previous time tracking did have time in and time out and we liked that. Some benefits of this is you can see obviously wrong in/outs. You can also say exactly when you did something. (for our networking techs this helps us see if we triggered other things etc.) But it is working like it is.

    One thing related to this that all our techs would like is to be able to type in what they are doing while the timer is going.
    Document on the timer.


    If this feature was available we would be able to use the system easily and suit many other businesses where you need to record time as a start and finish time, with a calculator for time spent - we will based on time spent.
    Assuming that's optional, it may be a nice thing for some projects. But it would be cumbersome for us if required each entry.
    The nice thing about start and stop times is that they would tie in perfectly with the calendar view - so as you finish a task say between 10:15 am and 12:30pm - a bar is entered for that time frame in the calendar - or working backwards - you schedule a time on the calendar for a particular task and then adjust the time for accuracy when you do the work - so at the end of the week you can see all work performed in the calendar view with color codes to project or person, client etc.
    This would be very powerful and would solve the assigning work according to resource workload, since the workload for estimated work will be displayed on the calendar view. A simple solution to a complex problem. I think this would work for us, at least. Colours could show proposed and actual done. Will also help the designers plan their day better - they are picture oriented and understand a calendar view better than a list. Especially Excel - then their eyes just glaze over.
    Yes, in our previous time tracking software this was mandatory and at first everybody hated it. But now this is the biggest complaint with intervals when somebody forgets to stop or start a timer because it is that much more difficult to figure out what the actual time was. I'm not saying making it mandatory is a good thing, but at least having it as an option would be great. Actually it would fulfill out current needs to just have the times displayed when the time was applied even if jsut the total was actually applied.

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