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    • david
    • Jun 10th 2010 edited @ 06/10/2010 7:12 am

    I love the new search feature. It's almost perfect... One thing that would make it a little better is if I was able to search on multiple fields at once. So if I type in "client project programming" it'll bring up tasks with name, description, project name, or client name containing any part of my search.

    A lot of times we'll have tasks like "PHP Programming" for 2 dozen or more projects at a time, except for the one project I want to enter time for. If I was able to enter "chacha programming", I would be able to see that under the client "ChaCha" the task is named "website programming".

    I've found a way around this by entering the client and project name into the description of each task, but it's a band-aid, really...

    It's getting much faster for me to enter time, and that's a huge plus! Thanks so much for the work on this. As a PHP developer, I know what's involved in this type of thing, so I really do appreciate it.


    PS - It seems like your "Subscribe" functions are broken... They just sit and load forever.

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