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Intervals Infrastructure Improvements

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    • Michael
    • Jan 10th 2007 edited @ 11/23/2015 10:32 am
    Infrastructure Improvements Scheduled for this Saturday, 7:00 AM Pacific

    This weekend we will be increasing the number of servers and changing hosting providers. There is really no good time to make such an important move, but after extensive research into hosting options we are excited about the change. We expect to see big improvements after Saturday.

    Reasons for the upgrade

    • Growth to accommodate additional Intervals customers

    • Additional servers for better performance, better redundancy, and better backups

    • Server expansion in preparation for Document Support

    • Upgrade to the latest versions of our Operating platforms

    • Latest and greatest hardware for speed

    The upgrade is scheduled for Saturday, January 13th between approximately 7:00 AM Pacific and 9:00 AM Pacific. A short period of down-time is likely during this window. If you experience any issues after the transfer and upgrade is complete, please email us at support[at] and we will troubleshoot immediately.
    • Michael
    • Jan 13th 2007 edited @ 01/13/2007 9:19 am
    Infrastructure Improvements are complete

    The upgrades to infrastructure are complete and Intervals is at it's new home with new servers, more bandwidth, and the latest versions of operating platforms.

    If you experience any problems, please email us at support[at] and we will troubleshoot immediately. We are excited about this upgrade and hope that you see immediate performance improvements.

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