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Discount hourly rates for a Client

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    • mvonderlinn
    • May 26th 2010 edited @ 06/03/2010 3:09 pm

    I see the discussion below addresses Project-level discounts, but what about the Clients-level? We have clients that get a discount on ALL work we do for them. I don't want people to have to remember to set up the Discount every time they create a new project. Is there a way to assign a Discount to a client so it applies to all Projects created for them?

    Intervals does not presently allow to apply client-level discounts. Due to the project-centric nature of the application we try to keep most of the functionality tight-knit with projects. The only way now is to do as you suggested and set up the discount for each new project. Fortunately, the discount can be applied to all worktypes at once using a percentage, and it only has to be done once per project.

    How about applying a discount at the invoice level. As you are creating an invoice to the client, you simply add an additional line that says "Discount", enter in a percentage amount, and then Intervals calculates an amount based on the total invoice amount and subtracts this discount amount from the invoice. This is a pretty common feature in most other Project Management programs that have an invoice module.

    This would allow you to apply a "Client Level" discount.

    Negative line items can currently be added to invoices to issue a discount. A calculator does not exist to compute the amount of discount but free form invoices and invoices based on actual work performed both accept negative line items. This can be used to zero out an invoice or issue a discount.

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