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Can I change the 'from' email for the daily task email?

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    You sure can. It actually comes from the Intervals Administrator account that was used to create your Intervals account. If you change that email account, the daily auto emails will change as well.

    We considered adding a 'default from email' for the daily email, but that seems to add complexity that is not needed.


    thanks for this tip

    it would be nice to be able specify the from address for all outgoing emails. we may want to specify something like "Please Do Not Reply By Email"<>
    if this is set in the administrator account, then all their work will show that name and it will look wrong.

    also, i just noticed that comments on tasks send the email with a from address from the user who makes the comment. this is no good, it makes the executive user think that they can respond to the email. we don't want them using email, thats the whole purpose of using the project management system!


    sorry for the multiple posts

    so i tried to change the admin emails...but apparently you can't have the same email twice...'' so the only solution i can think of is to give everyone a slightly different email "", "", ""

    but this is far from ideal, and will almost definitely raise questions by our clients. ideal solution would be an option to set the "from email" to a specified address for ALL outgoing email from the system. also, until myintervals supports email replies, the message should not contain the message itself. just something like:

    your task 1324 has been updated.
    please click:
    to view the updates
    please do not respond to this email as it will not be received.

    Thanks for taking the time to suggest this idea. At this time there is not a way to change the outgoing email address. However, we will consider this for future updates.

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