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Have clients approve time sheets

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    We would like the ability when submitting time sheets to have certain ones be approved by our client. But the client can only see the submitted time sheets and nothing else.


    David Webster
    current customer.



    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. At this time it is more of a workflow issue than a technical one as to why managers, resources, and clients cannot approve timesheets. To begin with, most organizations require a higher level authority approve timesheets to maintain compliancy. Second, timesheets in Intervals will contain multiple time entries that span multiple projects. A manager, resource, or client level user may not have permissions to the same set of projects as the person submitting the timesheet. There could be time entries they should not see or approve. Because the timesheet covers multiple projects per person, it has to be an administrator who approves it. Hope that helps.




    I do understand that but it is a limitation to the app. In my opinion it keeps you guys playing small time. I have managed PS organizations with PSA tools both in-house and very pricey or hosted and more affordable and all of them have this feature. Larger companies like ours especially those that are audited regularly need to provide proof of a clients acceptance for work before invoicing and without this function a tool like this falls short. I like Intervals and it is very close to what we need but without being able to have a client approval process we will have to cancel.

    Too bad, I would pay significantly more per month to have this feature.

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