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iCal task lists via API and Ruby

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    Hi everybody!

    I was keen to have my Intervals tasks show up without having to log into the web interface, and already use Thunderbird+Lightning for my appointments, so I've put together a quick iCal task export using the API and a simple Ruby script.

    It will output events and/or tasks for each task assigned to you, according to options in the URL you use. Just build up the URL with your API token and preferences, and add it as a "remote" calendar in Thunderbird/Outlook/Google etc.

    For some reason I can't actually access closed tasks through the API, which is a bit odd, so I haven't been able to test those properly, although the iCal returned should work in Lightning, at least. (Maybe it's because of my access level, which is "resource"? although quite why the restrictions would be different on the API than the site I'm note sure...)

    Full details of public copy, plus source code, on my website:

    Let me know if you have any questions, requests, feedback, bug reports, etc!

    Rowan Collins


    Hey Rowan,

    That is awesome! All the developers here are super excited that not only did you create a cool application using the API, you released the source code too. And the fact that it's in Ruby is great. We mostly write PHP in-house, so the fact that we can point people to example code in another language is excellent.

    And not only that, you found a bug! You're right that the task list should not be excluding closed tasks unless explicitly instructed to do so. It's even overriding the statusid filter (which should let you limit the list to closed tasks). We'll correct this and get the fix out the door in the next couple of days.

    Cameron Brooks


    Hey Rowan,

    Just wanted to let you know that the closed task bug has been fixed and pushed live. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.


    This looks pretty interesting. Could you provide a little more instruction on "building your url" using the base script url you provided? For example, it says to "Add your Intervals API token here". Does this mean to find/replace ['token'] with my API?


    A quick look at rowan's page here reveals that the token is passed via the URL param so you shouldn't use search/replace. Example:

    I don't know about the error that pops up though. You'll have to ask rowan about that.

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