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Report on Request Queue?

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    Is there any way to report on all tasks originated from the email request queue? It seems like there should be functionality to report on the request queue but there does not seem to be anything of this nature. We would love to use the email request queue functionality, but if there is no way to report on it, it is of no use.

    Typically we would want to be able to to see statistics such as how many requests have been placed in the queue over a period, which proportion were assigned to which clients, how long requests wait before being assigned, which requests are open/closed, etc. As it is, we cannot even seem to see the date that an item was placed in a queue or assigned, and once assigned you would have to hunt for the task among many projects.

    The reason why this is important is that it is too easy for people to clear the queue by carelessly assigning them to incorrect clients/projects, and we would have no way of knowing if a client request had been properly assigned or followed up. We have hundreds of clients and projects and thousands of tasks on Intervals - so there is no easy way to ensure that each and every item that was added to the request queue is being properly dealt with.

    Once a request is assigned it becomes a task and there are no metrics or reporting on email queue volume and activity at this time. We will add your thoughts to the list of potential features to consider. Thanks for the feedback.

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