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Quickbooks Export creates duplicate jobs?

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    I'm VERY new, as we're evaluating intervals (and liking it). I'm testing quickbooks export and finding:
    a) I love that it adds the client &/or job to quickbooks if it's not already there! But...
    b) It appears to create a duplicate job when exporting time for a job that is already in Quickbooks....

    Explan: I created a Client in Ivals "Vonderland" and a Proj "Generic". Neither of these existed in Qbooks. I then exported time for the Proj (using Summary report) to Qbooks, which showed up as:
    - Customer: Vonderland
    - Job: Generic
    So far so good. But then I added hrs to the Proj in Ivals and repeated the export. In Quickbooks I got:
    - Customer: Vonderland
    - Job: Generic
    - Job: Generic
    It created a second/duplicate job in quickbooks. Did I do something wrong?



    The Customer and the Job have to match exactly to what is setup in QuickBooks. Even the addition an an extra space character will throw off the import. In addition, the Job is always a subset of the Customer. This means the Job must always be under the same Customer or QuickBooks will create a second Job under the different Customer name.

    For more information on exporting timer data with QuickBooks, read our integration guide:


    Thank you for your help. You're right, the prob was some kind of a mismatch in the job name (I was aware of the rqmt but still missed it somehow). So this is basically a false alarm and I suggest you delete my post. Thanks,




    If it's alright with you I'd like to leave the post online so that others who are experiencing the same issue will be able to read through this thread for a solution.

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