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Is there a way to switch off the profile image?

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    At minimum if there is no image saved in the profile don't display blank image.

    On the comment history, IMHO, it just consumes to much space for one liners plus it dominates the page rather than focusing on the comments/task content.


    You can add a rule to a custom stylesheet.

    For example, if you use firefox and your site is hosted on, you could add a rule like the following:

    @-moz-document domain( .userThumb
    display: none;



    Thanks you.

    I am using the project portal extensively with Clients and Contractors as 'resources'. Thus really looking to fine tune the user experience and the image has come up as an issue. Perhaps as the history becomes more populated with content, it will diminish as an issue but right now my clients don't want to post their portraits.

    Besides, as I scroll down through a history how many times do I want to see my own picture. (so your solution does solve this problem!)


    Solved it!

    Seems simple now. Made Client and Contractor related images from their corporate logos i.e.75x30. now it's easy to see who''s who' when scrolling the history, plus the size is not distracting.

    Nice workarounds. Another option is to upload a small transparent image. This will shorten the pancake quite a bit.

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