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Scheduling appointments

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    How does everyone track appointments in intervals?

    I really need appointments to appear at the top of the calendar, so I've created an "Appointments" task priority that is higher than all others for this, but what if I have multiple appointments in one day and want them to appear in order? Is that possible?

    Do others handle appointments in Intervals or use an external Calendar?


    Being new to intervals too, I am looking forward to this insight to.

    Import from iCal would be nice.

    We handle appointments in Outlook but we often use a task to track any notes, documents, time, etc. from the meeting. Also, we are considering a daily view where you would be able to see one day at a time and arrange the tasks in order. If we move forward with it Intervals won't be a true personal information manager / calendar but there will be a little bit more information available.

    Been busy so just now getting back to this. I appreciate the feedback rlmewis and Michael. I've been using a mix of Google Calendar and Intervals tasks/notes/milestones for appointments, but I hate the idea of not having everything related to a project in one place.

    @Michael,the day view could be useful. Ideally, each night I'd look at the calendar and quickly have an overview of what appointments and tasks I have due the next day. The ability to force appointments to the top would be useful for that since they are items I can't afford to overlook.

    I mentioned in the original post that I was using high priority tasks, but that doesn't seem to keep them at the top of the calendar for that day. So, I could use milestones for appointments, which appear to always show up at the top, but then again I still have the issue of not being able to have them in order by time.

    I guess I'll keep using Google Calendar for now.

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