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Feature Requests [Closed]

Resource Capacity Management

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    • Lee
    • Apr 10th 2010


    Just new to Intervals. I am trying to assign weekly time to my in house resources. I want to assign tasks but would like to know when a resource is 'getting to much work'. This will help me know whether to step on the gas for sales, or to lay off the new sales. I don't want to overwhelm my team so assigning tasks and knowing my resources time capacity would be very helpful.

    does intervals already offer this?
    thanks so much,


    Intervals is deliberately light on resource allocation at this time and errors on the side of simplicity. With how Intervals is currently structured you can use the home page to get a pretty good view of who is working on what. You can create home page filters that show what is assigned to each person in your team and then quickly bounce around to see who is working on what but it is not true resource allocation. Also, the task listing includes estimated and actual hours and the listing can be filtered for individual resources or individual projects. This discussion on resource allocation might be worth a look as well.

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