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Asking again - critical to have 'actual time' of tasks not just 'amount' of time

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    Still waiting on this - this is critical -
    One thing that I really wish could be added, especially in light of the new calendar and Milestones would be -

    1/ for each task scheduled for the future to be added to the calendar automatically in various color coded options - very similar to the Google calendar - also,

    2/ as each new task timer is started it automatically adds the start time to the calendar and draws a color coded line (configurable by user based on project or user etc) for the time span when the timer is stopped.

    Basically I want each aspect of Intervals not just to record the AMOUNT of time but the ACTUAL time span on the calendar that the task was performed in.

    The actual start and end time for each task should not be a big deal to add as I'm sure the data is already somewhere in the program.
    Hope this is something you can do very soon!
    Thanks. Craig.

    • Michael
    • Apr 12th 2010 edited @ 04/12/2010 2:42 pm

    Recording and displaying the start, stop, and apply times for timers is currently being considered but it is not under active development or on development plan at this time and we appreciate the feedback. One related item that is also being considered is a daily view with the ability to arrange tasks and notes in order. It might be helpful to quickly run through how features are prioritized. We typically get a lot of feature requests from the feature request links within Intervals and we try to aggregate them. If a feature is easy to support and adds a lot of value we typically do it. We try and move the items forward that add the most value for everyone but don’t add too much complexity. We typically classify requests into these categories:

    1. ruled out
    2. being contemplated
    3. on our development plan
    4. active / under development

    Recording timers and the daily view are currently in #2 above. We agree that it would add value and there is a strong possibility that it might make it onto the development plan in the future. Thanks again for the feedback and if you ever have any specific questions about a feature please feel free to shoot an email to

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