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Email Generation on Task Creation

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    Is there anything that can be setup that would allow an email to be generated to either the ownerid or assignee id's when a task is created?

    I'm writing an api interface for the framework I'm programming for that allows for admins to create "bug report" tasks essentially, and it would be nice just like you can when you create a task in intervals itself, have the ability to generate an email through the api as well on task creation/ or even updates.


    The Intervals API is deliberately light on secondary actions that take place when an item is created, modified or deleted. This includes email notifications being sent out on task creation.

    The reason for this is that it gives the application developer greater control over how users interact with his application. For instance, a developer could create an application with an Intervals backend without his users ever having to know that Intervals was involved. He may decide, instead, to do notifications through Twitter or some other medium, or to automatically trigger Outlook (or iCal) meeting requests. Furthermore, Intervals email notifications include links back to the web application that some developers don't want their users to see, preferring their users to interact only with their application.

    I will add the ability to turn on email notifications to our list of considerations for future launches. If anyone else would like to see a feature like this in the API, please add it to this task.


    I would love to get my hands on this feature when it is complete. A Bug Rep[ort feature would be amazing. We are actually just about to setup Mantis, but to have it all together in a single application would be powerful.

    How close are you?

    We've been discussing this internally and have been leaning towards adding a trigger to the API that would tell the resource to send out an email notification. For example, the creation of a task would email the appropriate parties if the trigger was set to true. This would extend to other email actionable items like task and project notes. We'll let people know if and when we layer this functionality into the API.

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