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Executive Private Notes

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    • i9mickey
    • Mar 25th 2010 edited @ 04/23/2010 2:14 pm
    So if I create an executive level user and allow them access to comments, will they see a private comment when I check the little key icon checkbox? Sorry for the seemingly stupid question, but I really want to know what these folks will be having access too. I don't mind if my resources can see discussion on a project, but I don't want the executives seeing everything.
    Executive users see the task title, summary, due date, etc. but they never see who a task is assigned to. For comments and documents they only see the comments and documents that they have been granted access to see (on a comment by comment or document by document basis). In essence you can have a public and private thread on the same task between internal comments and client/executive facing comments. The comments preference for an executive grants them the ability to make comments on tasks.
    Perfect, thanks!

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