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People access email

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    Hello, I set up a new person in Intervals, but I got their email address wrong. I corrected the issue with the email address, but there doesn't seem to be a way to re-issue them their access information like it does when you first create the person. So how do I do that? It was much more convenient to use the form, I hope I don't have to send them a "handwritten" email to give them the info.
    Unfortunately there isn't a way to resend the welcome email but there is one workaround that might do the trick. If the username or password changes an email is triggered letting the user know their login credentials.
    Perfect, thanks for the speedy response!

    How do you exactly go about changing the username and password? Sorry just new to Intervals casino on line nz

    If you want to change your own information this can be done via Options >> My Account and then editing the profile. If you are looking to change another team member's information this can be done by finding them in the people section and then editing their profile.

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