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Forward planning and development scheduling

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    Hi there, we're a small software/telecoms company, and we are busy developing some new products. Frankly we want to develop the products (using projects) "a soon as possible".

    We have 3 planning horizons:-
    (1) 0->04 weeks out where we are setting stuff into diaries to get the tasks done
    (2) 04->12 weeks where we are trying to estimate and plan our projects quite precisely, but will mainly be looking at checking that people are not overloaded on a week by week basis
    (3) 12-52 weeks where we are doing a really rough cut of what projects will take what % of people's time over the weeks

    Can Intervals help us directly (e.g. allow us to view under/over capacity for each person/week)
    or indirectly (e.g. output something to a CSV so we can monkey around with Access or Excel)

    Thanks, and regards from London

    Intervals is deliberately light on resource allocation at this time and errors on the side of simplicity and we appreciate the feedback. All time data can be exported to a spreadsheet and manipulated. You might want to try filtering the task listing by an individual person and exporting it. The export includes the task start date and due data as well as the estimated and actual hours.

    Is there a way to see into the future (by person/month) what their total estimated hours for those months are, along with which project(s) they are/will be allocated to? In addition to seeing this information individually by person, having this view across the entire organization would be nice, too.

    It seems all the data is in there, we just need to be able to view this report from time to time to keep a good pulse on staff load.

    p. kao, were you able to find a solution? I am very curious about how we can better use MI for Resource Planning.

    ## Update ##
    Intervals includes a resource allocation report that can be used to view task loads. Resource allocation was launched in 2015. For more information about how resource allocation works, check out this resource allocation overview on the official help site.

    Another item that is related is the Project Landscape report. The Project Landscape report shows a hi level view of time budgets vs. actuals and financial budgets vs. actuals with remaining work across projects. It doesn't show resource loads like the resource allocation report, but it shows how projects are progressing. More information about the Project Landscape report is available here.

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