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Assigning tasks

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    A question from a potential user here.
    Is it possible that every task that is created by a resource user must go to either a manager or administrator to then be delegated? The reviewing user would then assign (and possibly make alterations to) the task before it gets started.

    Also is there then the option for the person assigned the task to "accept" or "decline"?

    Thank you

    Intervals is flexible with new task creation and all non executive users can create tasks. Although there is not a way to force approval within the interface you could potentially make it a workflow / training type of item. Resources can submit items to the work request queue and a manager or administrator can assign the tasks. We use the email work request queue for this quite a bit. One of the main reasons we do is to cut down on duplication and to set priority/timing since the manager of the project has a better feel for all of the existing tasks. Another option is to use a backlog type of flow. We use a backlog module with our projects and assign the task to no assignee. If someone is interested in working on that task they can update it, make notes, and assign it to themselves. The owner gets alerted that the task is active and being worked on. Something similar may work for your workflow as well. Regarding declining a task we use a reassign task status. If someone gets assigned a task that they don't want to tackle they set it to reassign and then the owner goes in and moves the task to someone else.

    Thanks very much Michael!
    We are looking into the email work request queue option. In the meantime each user enters a task as "Pending Assignment" status and the manager updates these as they go. Working well but still sorting it out. We are really enjoying Intervals though!

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